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Knight of the TARDIS: A Review of Una McCormack’s Doctor Who Royal Blood

One of the best things I can think of reading is a Doctor Who book–especially during the hiatus between the seasons of this BBC show. However, with things like Amazon and Netflix, my beloved Doctor is close at hand. Still, there are times when I would love to read about our favorite Gallifreyan–especially when it has some medieval elements, like in Una McCormack’s Doctor Who: Royal Blood.

Thank you to publisher, Broadway Books, and for Blogging for Books for providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

The Doctor and Clara land the TARDIS in Varuz–a city on the brink of death. The Duke who ‘rules’ the land is ready to risk everything in order to save it–in one last battle. However, a holy man (aka the Doctor) and his companion begin to investigate what’s hiding under the surface of this city (and the laser swords), Lancelot and the Grail quest begin to pop up on this land, the Doctor begins to seriously investigate the strange properties of the everything on the planet–including a pendant given to Clara, herself! Will the Doctor be able to solve the mystery, and stop a war that might destroy the area? And, is the energy behind the scenes have ties to the glamour the Doctor has been investigating?

Una McCormack does an awesome job of taking Capaldi’s Doctor from the screen and translating him to the page. It is a flawless transition–I particularly loved the parts where our known world became part of the world IN Varuz. I also really enjoyed the Arthurian touches to the novel–they were perfect for moving the story along.

The Doctor just keeps getting better and better in my opinion–I really like reading this series, and cannot wait to finish the next in the Glamour Chronicles series–I think I have missed one of the books. The worlds that he is placed in allow him the opportunity to continue on his quest to learn more and more about humanity (via interacting with his companion), as well as the rest of the vast galaxies he interacts with.

I enjoyed this book, and look forward to the next one. Until I get to travel with the Doctor again, I will take my leave!

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