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Lego Dimensions: First Impressions

LegoDimensions_AlwaysReidingI was gifted with a copy of Lego Dimensions this Christmas.

As a committed Disney Infinity fan, I was both interested in what Dimensions had to offer, as well as not excited–because in my opinion of Disney Infinity is pretty high. However, with Back to the Future, Doctor Who, The Simpsons and Ghostbusters, it was really hard to say no.

Right out of the box, it comes with the tools to create three minifigures, the portal and the dock to the left. It additionally includes the game, but be prepared for a few hours of updates for the version. While I started to play the game, I felt very cheated–it took 30-ish minutes to assemble the portal, 30-ish minutes for gametime and then waited on baited breath for the updates to finish.

The first level is pretty easy, however it introduces a concept that parents and players should be aware of. The game will not let you complete without extra characters–for the full¬†Wizard of Oz¬†experience, I needed the Wicked Witch of the West. And possibly a flying monkey. It was crazy. The graphics and the voicework is great, and I learned how to use a Lego game (as I have had some times in the past where I have not been good at Lego games). The whole level that I could complete took less than I expected, and I did not get to choose a difficulty.

Once they did, I added my Doctor Who level pack ($25+ in addition to the game) and tried to play. Only to find out that I lack a character with the basic talent to proceed much past the introduction to the level. I need a Velociraptor, or Chris Pratt’s character from Jurassic World in order to assist me. With cutting vines to get an essential team member. And, lucky me, I can spend 50,000 rare blue pieces to get him for 30 seconds (I have 5 because they are really rare).

I like a few of the things this game does, compared to Infinity–like the ability to pull the figures off the little game piece and use them independently (which is nice because you can use them in Lego sets or put on display). I also like the franchises available. However, the price points are a little more than Infinity, and the fact that the gameplay is VERY limited by what you have purchased (versus the infinite-seeming Toybox Infinity provides). I cannot seem to find a good place for finding out what toys to use to finish the basic levels and get the most for your money. I cannot seem to find a nice box to put the pieces in, either.

Do you have Lego Dimensions? Do you have any tips or tricks? Please share below.

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