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Lighting the proverbial product fire: A Review of Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday


As someone who used to be in social media and who likes to stay current on the latest trends, applying them to my own current and future projects, I am always on the lookout for great, inspiring business books. Enter Ryan Holiday’s new book.

Growth Hacker Marketing details Holiday’s strategies for ‘hacking’ business growth during the creative/production process and ways innovative companies (start-ups) have combined PR, Marketing and Advertising…Giving case studies presented in fact-filled conversational style.

This is a catalyst-type book, promoting a new mindset for most companies and a great way to think if you have an entrepreneurial mindset. It is an encouraging book to read if you are planning to set the world on fire with your particular product or service.

The paperback is 111 pages, so it is slim, portable and definitely worth the price. While it could be read in one sitting, I recommend taking some time with the books 77 pages of content (with a glossary, FAQ and website links) to really digest the ideas presented within the book. I also recommend having a highlighter handy.

I picked up a copy of this via Amazon prime, and you can pick this up at your favorite retailer. It’s also available as an ebook (the book’s original format).

Have you read anything from Ryan Holiday? Do you like business books? What ones do YOU recommend?

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