March 2018 Month in Review

Hi! I cannot believe it is already the end of March. Quarter 1 of 2018 is officially done! With a crazy work schedule, I felt like I needed more time to get things I needed to get done, but it didn’t really happen. I did read 10 books this month, but I feel like I need a few more to round out the month.

The Husband and I represented at the annual Scottish ball. We’ve been going every year since 2012.

We headed to the Park and someone asked me to work for them–I held out for Management. And also said Hi to an old, but awesome friend I hadn’t seen in a while.



I made a few things. I’m learning how to sew. And I made some ATCs.

I was not feeling well and had some sick days (without my voice–eek!)


Additionally I worked on some online classes (when this one would let me!) and played Sea of Thieves with some online people AND my husband!







We finished up the month with Wondercon. Can you tell who we are?

What did you do in March? Let me know in the comments below!

Author: gothamgal

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