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My review of Stephanie Klein’s Moose appeared on her website!!!

Being an adolescent girl is hard, being a fat adolescent girl is even harder… There are few things in life as embarassing as being the fat kid. Everyone sees the class pictures, the lonely lunches and the sweat stained t-shirts in gym class. However, though as zoftig as she may be at home, she’s one of the hot girls at fat camp, dozens of pounds lighter than most of the other campers. But all is not well at fat camp. There are social and sexual fumblings, as well as firsthand, backstabbing and breakups, as well as a triumphant weight loss and rumor-laden return home. Fat camp and Klein’s ‘big’ childhood are put into perspective as Klein, a now pregnant-with-twins-woman, is told by her doctor that she has to gain weight. Klein takes readers into the trenches of the weight battle with Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp. Readers that have sometimes been fat and those who are always fat will find a champion in Klein, or at least those who want to get thinner.
— Nicole

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