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My August 2019 Book Count

I know it’s been a while, but I am posting regularly on Instagram. I even got to connect with an author of one of my favorite books this month. The author even commented on my IG post saying she hoped I felt better–how cool is that? I love that that particular platform can be used to directly connect with fans!

This month was HOT. Especially towards the end. I had a sinus and ear infection that I’m getting over, and I’m still trying to live my OLW this year–create.
I got to see some family this month, as well as spend some quality time with friends (via Facetime–more on that later). I saw the made for tv versions of something I read as a teen. And then read a new book from that same ‘author/ghostwriter’ that was completely awful (I know someone might be sad to read that, but seriously I think it’s time to end the series!?!).
I won a book contest, got some ARCs and even used my library like crazy. And I might be addicted to Britbox.
I’m challenging myself to post every day this month, so be prepared. Also, I am so happy to see everyone and be back–what did I miss?

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