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My Grown Up Pen

My Grown Up Pen


I’ve made no secret of my love for pens AND for fountain pens. Since I’d had much more luck with a TWSBI Eco pen (no calluses on my finger like on the Lamy Safari pens I’d started with), I decided to take the plunge and get a TWSBI Vac pen–it’s a pen that runs over $50 (which I never thought I would spend on a pen), and it has not yet disappointed me.

The Vac pen is a bit heavier and sturdier than the Eco. I love that I was able to get the clear pen, so I can always see what kind of ink I have filled the pen with. I have noticed, however, that while both pens have the 1.1 stub point (more like a medium/heavy-type point you see on gel pens), the Vac is not great with sparkly inks like the Eco. I was able to write a lot more with the vac if I picked a basic ink. This Aurora blue black is a new company to me, but I LOVE!!!! Obviously I still have some practice to do, as you can see from my ink sample below.


TWSBI Vac (1.1 stub) with Aurora Blue Black ink on Stone notebook paper

One of the things that makes this system so innovative is the container on the right of the picture at the top of this page–the inkwell is SOOO easy to use. You twist off the cap, screw the pen into the ink and then plunge a few times to get the pen filled. It is a genius system, and great for someone like me who seems to get inky whenever I try to refill my pen. It is great for convenience, too, because the pen refill system works for both the mini and vac pens, along with the screw top to fill the pen, the top piece can be removed to fill the well with ink easily.

I am so incredibly happy with this pen–it has easily become my favorite fountain pen in just a short few days (okay, a week). I am looking for excuses to pull it out and to fill it–I’ve been writing so much I’ve actually had to refill it at least once a day. The blue black ink is not indelible, so it is easy to clean off the nib as well as your hands. I am super stoked that this happened and that I can think about maybe buying more wells to fill with more ink… But, that will be a lot later this year, if not early next year.

Do you have a favorite pen right now? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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