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My New Ghost

My New Ghost


I wanted to take a moment to show you the newest thing in my life that’s totally helping me out.

So I broke a toe at the end of last month, and have been having THE WORST TIME. But I got a new pair of shoes that are helping. I’ve had a bad time driving, I’ve been wearing a LOT of flip flops and my runs have been not working–because a broken toe is not fun, even when taped up.

But I recently put on my fancy socks and then slid my feet gingerly into these–oh, they’re AMAZING shoes. Seriously and utterly wonderous. They allowed me to walk comfortably (just a tiny bit of pressure on my broken toe) and I walked a couple of miles in them WITHOUT getting blisters as I was ‘breaking them in.’

They are, in other words, a game changer. I cannot wait until my toe is officially back in shape so I can start running. Then I’ll let you know how they really work.

What kind of tennis shoes/running shoes do you love?

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