My New Phone

iPhone 11 Pro Green Hero Shot

I’ve accepted my fate, albeit with a slight grudge.
Years ago, I got an iPhone 6s–my first iPhone.
It was pretty and pink and pretty cheap. AT&T assured me that it was a great deal and I’d like it (also they had no phones with replaceable batteries or memory slots at the time, so it was limited).
Everything was great. I loved the crap out of the phone. Until battery issues sent me back to the Apple store a few times. I got used to taking 3-4 rechargable batteries anywhere if I wasn’t going to be at home. I got used to pulling things up on my computer. I got used to my phone just restarting without warning due to the battery issue.

Apple was great. Despite me being out of warranty for a few years, I got a few replacements for free. However, the issues persisted. And then the notification that my phone may or may not support IOS 13 (along with apps that just stopped working), I decided it was time to take the plunge.

I got the device I wanted today, in fact. By UPS, thankfully. Since I work from home, sometimes my company sends me tech via Fedex–the last two times this happened, it ended up notifying me of receipt hours before it happened, as they had ‘delivered’ to a nonexistent door–when I spoke with them about this each time, they told me there was a glitch because the item was scanned so close to the house (at a neighbor’s house). So I did what any normal person would do to make sure I got the device–I made signs.

I made a few signs and proceeded to tape them to our garage and house exterior saying that I was most definitely home and that it would be be appreciated if they knocked loudly.

The UPS driver took one look at me when it was delivered and said ‘There’s one every new release.’ I explained what Fedex had told me and while he might have taken it with a grain of crazy salt (because I was the crazy one in this scenario), he thanked me as well. Which I thought was nice. But also he was probably more afraid of me than I was of him. LOL.

The phone is now charging (along with my current phone) and we’re doing a transfer of data now. Wish me luck!

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