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My NovelTea Book Club Swap


Hi! I’ve read a lot of books since finding the NovelTea book club, and I have met a lot of really great people, too! The brain child of Kristin from My Life as a Teacup, NovelTea Book Club is quite possibly one of the nicest and fun groups—and it has totally gotten me out of the terror I have at not being a part of a physical book group locally (I could also be biased because I used to go to The Rubber City Book Posse meetings that were totally amazing and wonderful and populated with all sorts of awesomeness… Anyway, throughout the course of this swap, we sent emails and checked out Goodreads lists and got to know one another. And here is the result.

Here is my video of what I received from my awesome swap partner, Sara:

This was quite possibly the best swap I have ever been in. So humbled by how she ‘got’ me.

Did you do the noveltea book swap? Share yours below…. Have you done a different swap? Have any swap tips? Please share below!

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