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My OLW 2016: Fierce

One of the crafty, inky things that helps my life is One Little Word. Spearheaded by Ali Edwards, OLW challenges you to live an intentional life, with a specific word that you focus on. This year, my word is:

One Little Word 2016

Now, I don’t mean fierce in the way of a creature, rather a fierceness of heartfelt and powerful intensity. My fierceness is also a reminder to me to stay true to myself and fiercely be me…that I could be courageous and me all together, showing everyone my best (rockstar-awesome) self. I go through the definition and quotation in the next page of the album (I also added a really nice quote that I felt made sense for the beginning of the year. I want to write a letter and will be adding it to the back of the chipboard divider (that’s the page on the left in the pictures below:

One Little Word 2016 One Little Word 2016

Another page has more cards as well as some journalling about the year ahead, and my intentions. I was certain to use some of my Project Life cards that I seem to have a surplus of (I cannot be the only one whose cards seem to reproduce when you put them in container storage–right?) and used some color I liked. There was a card I got digitally from Studio Calico with a sentiment that even if imperfect, life can be wonderful and I used a glittery blue highlighter to offset key words that I felt would be better to keep on my mind throughout the year. I really liked that I could cut this down after printing on cardstock. And, you can most definitely see on the right, my scratch attempt–it was completely necessary to do a first draft of this.
One Little Word 2016
One Little Word 2016

I’m using the Ali Edwards 6×8 cream and gold foil album, as well as the OLW 2016 mini kit. I splurged, for sure, but I think it is working out a little better than last year–the smaller size can feel intimidating. But as I finish up my similarly sized December Daily (also from Ali), I am getting used to the size. It helps that I’m doing Project Life to work on my daily so I don’t get caught up in the little details and get overwhelmed.

Are you doing OLW this year? If you had to pick a word for 2016, what would it be? Please share in the comments below!

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