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My Thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (novelization) by Alan Dean Foster

AlwaysReiding_TheForceAwakensI’ve mentioned that we have seen Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens a few times in the theatre. So far, it has been three times. Tomorrow, Sunday, we are seeing it for the fourth and last time in the theatres. AMC is only offering four promotional prints, and I think it has been amazing to see the types of records a film of this has broken already.

When I heard there was a novelization that filled in some of the movie’s more noticeable holes, I preordered (back in 2015, of all things!) and got it yesterday, despite a copious delay from the USPS (I think it had to do with weather). Anyway, it is safe in my hands, and read to boot!

Rather than spoil things for those who might not have seen the movie, I am going to keep it very vague. But, I will tell you that reading this book is a MUST for any Star Wars fan, or any of those who may have questions about the film, itself. I was impressed by how much seemed to be edited out (probably for time) and that made sense when superimposing the book’s text or dialogue with the movie. I cannot stress how many questions (apart from the big one) that the novelization by Alan Dean Foster answers.

It is a dark time, as the First Order readies a weapon that will most certainly destroy any planets that disagree with their policies and procedures. But there is hope, in the form of a small map that will point the way to the Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker. And, as Skywalker disappeared years ago, the First Order (and Kylo Ren, a Sith on the verge of bringing back the mantle of Darth Vader) uses all available resources to find the map. But, as the droid carrying it befriends two humans who partake a quest to get the droid back to the Rebellion, the window to the First Order  finding Skywalker gets smaller and smaller. Will the Rebellion triumph, or with the darkness of the Sith overpower the small, scattered group of rebels?

Alan Dean Foster is well-known within the sci-fi and fantasy genre, and I can’t think of someone more prepared for writing the novelization (with one or two exceptions). However, this novelization appears to be fantastic and a true treat for any Star Wars fan. Pick it up in hardcover, ebook or audio format from your favorite retailer today. You won’t be sorry!

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