Naga Gonna Get it : C: Roberts-Huth’s Whispers of the Serpent (Zoe Delante Thrillers Book 2)

When I heard a friend of mine had finished her second novel in a series she was working on, I knew I had to snag a copy. CL Roberts-Huth’s Whispers of the Serpent. And, while it proved to be a quick read, it was suspenseful and perfect for the month of October—I love when I can read spooky-type books! Thank you to CL Roberts-Huth for giving me a copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review!  I haven’t read a lot of paranormal in the last few years, but this was perfect for me to jump back into genre.

Zoe is an established contact for the police, helping them solve the most disturbing of cases, thanks in part to her steel-trap mind and in-part to her gifts. Zoe is a Wiccan, and a recently-turned werewolf. While not all of this is common knowledge, she  will draw on her ‘unique set of skills’ to find the person behind the kidnapping of her sister and young niece. Since someone is killing babies in the area, only time will tell if Zoe can get to her family members in time.

Soon, it looks like the true villain is closer than she thinks, and he has gifts of his own. As Zoe mends from an attack, she needs to do some sleuthing on the mend—soon she has help from a new source and will need to use ALL of her gifts, digging deep, to save her family—and anyone who this new evil may try to touch.

I really enjoy the way Zoe is written. She is strong, but believable. She’s a woman to strive to be, as well as a woman who strives. She realizes her imperfections, but allows them to help her be the best Zoe. She’s made choices that were not so popular, but she also is so honest. With herself, and others. It would be nice to see more about Zoe and her early years, and due to this novel’s cliffhanger, I think we’ll get that in the future.

It was hard to pick a character that I didn’t like, apart from Jareth (I kept seeing David Bowie’s mullet in my head) and Heath. I just felt like the two of them set off my radar. One of them, however, surprised me in the end, which was nice. You will have to see whom does so, yourself!

The world in which Zoe lives is very similar to our world, but there are a few differences. I would like to compare this to the Anita Blake series, by Laurell K Hamilton, but I feel like CL Roberts-Huth does a little truer world building and I have no bad taste in my mouth after reading the Zoe books. They’re great and really, truly something anyone a fan of good writing can enjoy!

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