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#NaNoWriMo : Day 15 Checkup

Always Reiding - NaNoWriMo statsThis weekend was not a fun weekend. While we were planning on some board gaming with friends, I was in bed until 5 pm on Saturday, so gaming was cancelled. I came out of bed for soup, and then went back to bed.

Sunday morning was a little of the same, this time I didn’t only use my sinus spray, but a saline spray and some painkillers. And, suffice to say that while I feel a little headache, it has been nowhere NEAR what I was feeling yesterday. I actually still had soup, and stuck around the house more than I thought I might, but also I wrote.

I finally hit 40,040. It was a huge step for me, after my word count sucking within the last few days. I purposely wrote a lot extra in the beginning, so I could pad some days here and there. If I continue my streak, I hope to be done by the 20th–which is my Mom’s birthday AND it is also the day that novel validation goes live.

I would be lying if I said that it would not be a big load off of my shoulders to finish, and finish early for the first time in a long time before that Thanksgiving holiday. I have a LOT of other projects to prep for December, as well as edit the novel.

Are you doing NaNo? How are you doing? Or, if you don’t do NaNo, do you participate in other projects that last a month that allow you to plan ahead?

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