Just let that word and feeling seep into your mind.


It’s the time for long days at the library. The time for sitting outside on a chaise lounge and lazily passing a day immersed in a whole ‘nother world.

It’s the time for Summer READING programs.
Yes, this is probably one of my favorite times of year. Can I go back into a time machine and get back to those days? Probably not.

Now, while I might be too old for a library reading program these days (thanks, adulthood), I am trying to tackle a few books of my own this summer, in addition to my other reading, in my own sort of reading program–the Never Land Library (because readers never grow up!). This is my summer list:

Always Reiding is challenging herself to read Gone with the Winddownload (2)images

Gone with the Wind – I have never read this, I saw the movie when I was four. And then again, and again and again (my mom was a fan). The Penpal group of which I am a member (The League of Extraordinary Penpals) is reading this in June–I should probably get started.

Outlander – I have the audiobook, and also was given a copy of the book by the publisher–I love Scottish men, so this should be a no brainer–I have a feeling that once I get about 200 pages in, I should be fine.

Pride and Prejudice – I really have no excuse as to why I have never read this book. Probably because I fell in love with the Brontes, and NOT the Austens. The two families probably had a huge (east coast/west coast) rivalry going on. I am a fan of the movie ‘Bride and Prejudice’ so I’m hoping that I equally enjoy this. Also, I am pretty sure most of the people who love this book judge me when I tell them I haven’t read it. Maybe I should try to talk more about Jane Eyre–or even Rebecca (DuMarier) in front of those people. I may have seen most of the Keira Knightly film of this book, but I haven’t yet seen the Colin Firth production (and I will NOT until I read the book, darn it!).

It is definitely a pretty ambitious goal, considering how big they are and how I also have three online classes and a full time job and a few freelance duties, but I think that if I read at least the first and last one of my list above, I should be good.

What are your summer reading goals?


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