I’m a Kate Winslet, not a Kate Beckinsale.

I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds in a little around 3 months. I’ve shed jean sizes, clothes hang looser on me… I’m less likely to need to be covered up now, but old habits die hard. Because, let’s face it, when you’ve spent any amount of time a little ‘heavier’ than you really should be, you get a little self conscious.
I’m 5’6″ and I won’t be starving myself to get to the Hollywood definition of perfection anytime soon. Rather, I won’t be doing it at all. The body is but a vessel, and killing yourself to get a certain shape is not conducive to happiness.

So what am I doing? A few miles a day. I walk, I run, I started doing some yoga. I don’t deny myself things, rather I spend time really considering my options. Now, if I did starve myself or if I did a thousand sit ups a day, I’m sure I could drop the weight faster or tone up, and while I definitely intend to tone up soon, it’s not the plan for right now.

It’s the first time in my life I haven’t tried to lose weight and I’ve had success. Why? Because it’s a lifestyle change…and maybe it’s because I’m finally content.

I like buying clothes because I know there will be better options for me to choose from. I won’t have to look through tons of racks to see if I can find my size. My size is now easy to find. And honestly, I’m great in a tank top with a shirt to layer over it. I love skirts and my skirts are starting to be a little too lose, so out come the safety or kilt pins, which is AWESOME.

What do I like about my body?
I love that I have a defined hourglass figure. I love that I can feel the top of my hipbone, and my ribs. I love the strength I feel in my legs after a good mile or two. I love my collarbone, that it’s defined.

Now, it’s a bit harder to remember these things when I see someone that’s a size zero walk by and complain about the calories in her carrot stick. Or when I see the lady falling out of her tube top because it’s three sizes too small.
Size wise, I’m average. And that’s a blessing. But sometimes, I worry that I’m not skinny enough.

That leads me to ask ‘Who am I not skinny enough for?’ and, to be quite honest, I don’t want someone to just judge me on the basis of my body. I’ve got much more going for me. I was made this way for a reason, a purpose. And, doggone it, that’s pretty amazing.

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