Imagine everything you have ever known changing in an instant. You are brought even closer to your friends. But what happens when, a few years down the road, you separate from those friends and now you are forced to relive the aftermath of the tragedy all on your own.

McRib has had the same core group of friends since 2nd grade—for 10 years, it has been McRib, Cowboy, Ollie and Lock. And senior year is epic. Until McRib’s idea to moon the principal goes horribly wrong and lands her in an all-girls school. Suddenly surrounded by girls, forced to talk about her feelinds—she has never needed her friends more, and they are farther away than they have ever been before. No one can call her McRib at her new school, or even her preferred Toni—she has to go by Tonya. She realized that the group of guys she grew up with are falling further away from her. And it’s going to take something even bigger to bring them back together—unless it backfires, too.

I really enjoyed this coming of age, and coming into your own story by Lisa Aldin. McRib is a great, strong female character, complete with her own teenage insecurities—but without diminishing herself as a positive role model for female readers.

I loved the character of Lock. From the start, he seemed like a diamond in the rough. And Emma was an unexpected surprise—I was expecting her to make a major plot point all about herself, but really showed that, despite not having female friendships, she could be a great girl-friend.

Have you ever just pulled for someone when you read a book? That is how I felt, repeatedly, while reading Lisa Aldin’s One of the Guys. And I think fans of Miranda Kenneally would love this book.

Check out author Lisa Aldin’s Tumblr, Delicate Little Bursts.

I was given an electronic advance copy of this in exchange for my honest review. Be sure to pick up a copy of this from your favorite retailer when it is released on February 10, 2015!

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