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Paparazzi Fodder: A Review of The Royal We

The Royal We _ AlwaysReidingI blame SBTB for introducing me to this book, and especially the SALE of this book, so that I could enjoy it. And, while I am not traditionally a romance reader, I was able to find this, a diamond in the rough, and enjoy the heck out of this book!

Bex is a twin, who leaves America for a year to attend university in England. And happens to share a dorm with the next leader of England, Prince Nick. And while Nick and Bex have a spark, their friendship and mutual love of a terrible show named Devour is key. Until Bex and Nick realize there is more than just friendship. Soon, Bex prolongs her stay, as the secret girlfriend of the Prince. And there are a host of issues that keep them secret–most of which come from edicts from the castle, itself. And soon Bex decides that it isn’t enough–she breaks up with Nick, despite her heart’s wishes and goes home to gather her thoughts. Surrounded by her family, she still loves Nick, but searches for ways to go on without Nick, and without people knowing she’s without (or even with) Nick. But when the two of them get back together, Nick makes strides to get Bex approved, not just to the family, but to the country. And with his ginger-haired, lothario of a brother and her wilder twin sister.

As I said, I really enjoyed this novel, much more than I thought I might. It was a welcome change from some of the books I have been reading recently, and I empathized with Bex. There are plenty of things to be said for her wanting to be out in the open, as well as respecting a few boundaries that come with something as royal as the Royal Family.

This was written by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (the two are the brains behind GoFugYourself), and it was hard to see where one ended and the other began–in fact, I had an experience where I really couldn’t tell (like I can with a few other books written by two people) and that propelled me even further into the story as I wasn’t focusing on who was writing and how they were writing. So for once, being unfamiliar with a particular site (and its writers) paid off.

I really enjoyed the cast of the ensemble as well, except for Clive, but that was only because he wasn’t into Devour and I got a sort of lion ready to pounce vibe off of him. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Bex and Bea–it reminded me of Four Weddings and a Funeral. In fact, a lot of this made me feel like I was watching a film with a tight cast of amazing actors.

In other words, I wholeheartedly recommend this, in any format–I picked it up in eBook format, but it is available in hardcover and audiobook.



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