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Part Time Princess – A Review of Stacy Juba’s Fooling Around with Cinderella

Fooling Around With Cinderella

I have made no secret that I enjoy fairy tales. Because of this,  I am always on the lookout for awesome stories that may take fairy tale themes and update them. I jumped at the chance to read Stacy Juba’s Fooling Around with Cinderella. Thanks to Tasty Book Tours for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Jaine is unemployed, sending out blind resumes with her experience in marketing in between planning her sister’s wedding and picking up/babysitting her other sister’s daughter. When she gets a callback, she is desperate. But, the marketing job she wants now, turns into a marketing job later–with the promise of a job now. Jaine will have to be Cinderella at the park, getting an insider look at the way the park works–Jaine says yes to the job, but finds herself drawn to the GM, Dylan.

Jaine and Dylan quickly become close, leading more than one person to talk about their budding relationship–but the two decide to keep it as friends. As Jaine navigates her way through her Princess job, she keeps her eyes on the prize–the marketing job. And the small amount of marketing hours she gets a week help her to do so. When a scheduling error that implicates Jaine and Dylan (as well as a possible harassment suit from Dylan), the entire park seems against them–and Jaine has to take matters into her own hands to clear the both of them. Will Jaine be able to juggle everything, and still make it to her sister’s wedding?

I really enjoyed this book–it was a really quick read, but I could see how it lends to the idea that there is a series. I want to know more about Krystal and Rory and everyone else that might inhabit the area/family.

Jaine is a definite Cinderella, but without the ‘woe is me’ sometimes found in other retellings. She is dedicated and really has a big heart. Readers can get a sense that she is normal, and contemporary and doesn’t feel like a Cinderella herself, but she grows throughout the novel in a satisfying way.

I really enjoyed this, and recommend you check out my blast post for more details and possibly a chance to win something very nice, indeed. Again, for the chance to win some amazing jewelry, check out my post on the Fooling Around with Cinderella book tour.

If you could retell your life in a fairytale, which would it be?

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