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Party Down

A few months ago, Amazon announced that you could add subscriptions to your Prime service for an additional fee. I picked Starz, because it sounded like a good idea… And introduced me to this gem of a show:

I was stoked to see that he mind behind Veronica Mars (Rob Thomas) was behind it, as well as a bunch of faces from The State (one of my favorite comedy troupes) and some favorite actors from Veronica Mars, Freaks and Geeks and Mean Girls…and Adam Scott!!!!
 The show is two seasons (and so short, in my opinion), and features a group of rag tag wait staff who work for Party Down catering. Each episode is a different party and a different storyline. It is hard to pick just one or two really fabulous episodes, because as I watched each one, it became a favorite for a different reason.
 I know the actors have moved onto bigger and better things, but I can only hope they join a revival at some point…it is very selfish to say.

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