If your house is anything like ours, those Disney infinity sets begin to pile up. But since there are no distinguishing features of the bases for each game (and yes, it DOES matter—you cannot use a 1st generation base with the Marvel or Star Wars characters), I’m sharing the best way I know to keep things relatively organized. And, if you’re crafty like we are, you’re sure to have it in your house, just waiting to be used!

Washi tape.

We add washi tape to the disc’s box, the figures, the themed set pieces AND the base cord.
Super simple.

While you can use any figure in toybox, this lets little ones and big ones alike set up their favorite games. Even better, if your Infinity characters travel, your pieces will be easily discernable. If you plan on trading or getting rid of them, the washi tape just peels off. SUPER SIMPLE

Give us your favorite Infinity tips below.

Author: gothamgal

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