Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy

Murphy’s followup to ‘Dumpling’ follows the character of Ramona Blue. Ramona lives in a FEMA trailer with her dad and sister, and no matter what no one seems to be able to make ends meet after Katrina. And in this small town, she’s built to stand out–thanks in part to her 6’2″ frame, her blue hair and the fact she was the first ‘Out’ lesbian teen in her area.
When the summer before senior year ends, Ramona finds herself at a crossroads. Her ‘friend’ Grace goes back to her life in her regular hometown and keeps dating the boy she has been dating for years. Ramona’s sister is pregnant and drifting away from her. And her childhood friend from the beach is back in town.
Strange forces begin to pull at Ramona. Is she still a lesbian? Does she want to go to college? Will she survive all the changes being thrown at her? Only time will tell.


Author: gothamgal

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