I get a lot of fuss about the extent and speed to which I read.

Some people get really annoyed when you talk about the number of books a person reads and acts like if you read more than 5-12 books a year, you don’t have a life. I happen to have a life, and have learned how NOT to take offense when people say things like ‘You must not have any hobbies,’ or ‘I’m just too busy to read that much.’ After all, those are the people who are missing out, as reading books is great for your brain, and awesome for your stress levels.

I learned how to read at three years old. I was writing full sentences before Kindergarten. I devoured every book I could get my hands on, and even some I probably shouldn’t have (like a Harlequin type romance called ‘Evergreen Girl’ that my Mom had). I ended up devouring books in Summer Reading groups and beyond–I had a reputation for being a reader. In high school, I took a speed reading class, and was about to hit 1200 words per minute with 100% retention. I hope that I am at least double that now, but there are days I doubt that, for sure!

  1. Make the Most of your Reading Time–Life is busy, especially now. With all the cellphones, we’re almost always ‘on’ so it is essential to take some time for yourself. Set an alarm for 15-30 minutes of ‘you’ time. Let people know you’re taking a little time for yourself–few rational people will have a problem with this.
  2. Have your Book Ready–Have your book ready at all times! Whether it be on a reading app or a book you carry with you in physical format. You never know when you might have some unexpected pockets of time, use it to read!
  3. Bookmarks are your friend–I set bookmarks in halfway marks of physical books, and then additional ones in half or quarters, depending on the size of the book. If I want to read x amount of pages during my reading session, I mark the next 50 or 00 page with my finger–you would be surprised at how this can help!
  4. Multiple books can sometimes help–Having a funny book in the living room, a nonfiction book in the bedroom and a light book in another room can help! I grew up in homes where there were magazines and reader’s digest-type books in the bathroom, so if that’s your thing, that can be your thing! Also, maybe you’re just not feeling that historical account of something you love–maybe you need to lighten things up a bit–other books will make that easy.

The big takeaway here is to make time for it. Maybe it can even be something for your entire family to enjoy, or just a few minutes for yourself. As you start to take the time to read, you’ll notice it will be easier to get ‘sucked into’ the novel. And then, pretty soon, you’ll be reading faster than you are now!

Either way, I thank you or stopping by–and look forward to interacting with you. This is part five of a week-long challenge (Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Challenge) by the ProBlogger podcast. To listen to this episode, or others, please click this link to ProBlogger. Thank you for reading How Did I Get Here… Share your tips for reading quickly got here in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “How to Read Fast & Ignore People

  1. I totally understand! I’m a voracious reader as well, and when I can’t sit down to read I listen to audio. What’s the point in knowing how to read unless you do it? It’s interesting how many people want to meet someone famous and be acknowledged for only a matter of moments, and yet they never think of the fact that the library is full of books containing the innermost thoughts of truly amazing people that they can spend hours with at a time.

    I just can’t understand how anyone can live without a library card. Inconceivable!

    Posted on August 8, 2016 at 9:07 am
  2. I like to read, but I’m not a fast reader. That’s o.k. I’m retired and my time is my own. I don’t read as much as I used to, however. I’m on the computer more, reading blogs and writing. But I have at least two books going at a time. One is on an iPad that I keep with me so I can read whenever I get a few minutes, especially while waiting for someone or something. And the other I keep on the bed headboard so I can read when I lie down for a rest or before I go to sleep. These days I read mostly fiction, unless I am researching something for my writing. I often have two or three paper books from the library that I’m using for research at home. ( I’m74 years old and partial to paper books. 🙂 But I do read on my Kindle and iPad – mysteries, detective stories. They help me relax. While I’m a slow reader – compulsively reading every word, I’m afraid – I do read a lot. My spouse devours books. She speed-reads and goes through at least three books a week from the library. I used to wish I could read as fast. But as I age speed isn’t as important to me.

    It’s good to hear from other readers. Thanks for your blog.

    Posted on August 8, 2016 at 11:01 am
  3. Great blog! I am book worm as well. I’d rather spend time with a good book the with stupid people Keep reading!

    Posted on August 8, 2016 at 2:15 pm
  4. Love your post! My daughter and I had this discussion recently when I had to defend my goal of reading 50 books on Goodreads this year. My excuse was I had too many other non-reading projects. She’s already at double that. LOL!

    Posted on August 9, 2016 at 7:07 am