I know that reading hasn’t been great for everyone these last few months, but luckily I am still maintaining my goals!

I planned to read 250 books this year. I normally have no problem reading 200, so 250 seemed reasonable. And I’m finally hitting my stride. How?

First, there may be days where I read more or less. That is okay. You have to realize that it’s not feasible to read 20 books in a day if you are working. I work at least 40 hours a week during my weekday job. So I try to aim for an hour or two of reading at night, to wind myself down from the day’s stresses.

Second, I make reasonable goals. Ideally, I need to read about 20-23 books in a month. That’s about 5 books a week. And if you read cozy mysteries like I do, it’s a bit easier than fantasy epics.

Third, I am part of a challenge group—it’s on Facebook, but you read at least 10-12 books a month to complete your points for the team. There are no physical prizes, but it is nice to have something that I can challenge digitally.

I have found that these three things help. What about you—do you have any hints for reading at this time?

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