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Retro Review: Here there be Geeks

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I love Star Trek, and if there is a convention involved, I really want to read about it (people watching aside, Bimbos of the Death Sun is a great book!). When I saw the pulpy cover of Quirk Books’Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall, I was in!

Jim Pike survived 2 tours in Afghanistan, after which he decides to take a job doing something a little less stressful. He gets a job at a hotel, and this weekend, there is a Star Trek convention. All of a sudden, people are acting strangely—they are eating other people! Jim has to get to his sister, meeting some geeks and a slave Leia along the way—outsmarting and overcoming the zombies in his own, resourceful way.

There are lots of geeky and lore-type things in Night of the Living Trekkies. But, anyone into a good zombie story would find this to be a fun read.

Writers Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall create a very filmic story. Something I could easily see on Syfy or some cable network—either as something serious or in  a pulpy style similar to the cover.

I really enjoyed this book and I think it provides a welcome escape for any reader.

I picked this up electronically, but it can also be picked up in trade paperback from your favorite retailer.

*Note, this was read and reviewed in 2014, but was not published recently, hence the #retroreview tag!

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