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I always like finding new authors to read, and when I find a new author that I like, I get really excited (but my wallet may not!). I have found a new author in Liane Moriarty—I definitely look forward to reading more from her.

Three women meet at the start of Kindergarten year at an Australian, suburban school. Events at the school lead to a death, and while the rumor mill is alive and well, the three women form a strong bond. Whom dies is a mystery, but has been teased from the beginning of the story. Throughout the novel, interviews with the other parents from the law, prompt the reader to make their own conclusion as to whom the deceased may be.

I loved this book, especially the whodunnit aspects of the story. At different times, I thought I had an idea as to whom might be dead, but then changed my mind a few times!

This was the first book I had read by the author, and I have decided it would not be my last. I picked up The Last Anniversary and Three Wishes and am pretty interested in picking those up at some point (but ARCs need to go first, obviously). I really like reading an Australian-based novel.

Moriarty captures the ‘mean girl’ aspects of motherhood in schools. Jane was a lovely character, and I was really pulling for her throughout the novel. However, I think Madeline would have been my favorite character—the way she steps up and pulls for what she believes in is so great. Madeline is an admirable character.

As I’ve said, I really enjoyed reading this one, and look forward to reading another. I bought this on my ereader, and read the lion’s share on our Hawaiian vacation, and was sorry to see it finish—because I wanted to spend more time with the characters. You can pick up this and other Liane Moriarty novels at your favorite retailer.

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