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Review:: Melissa Explains it All: Tales from my Abnormally Normal Life by Melissa Joan Hart


Anyone whom was a teen in the 90s knew Nickelodeon and one of its most endearing shows was Clarissa Explains it All. And then, once that wrapped, the star of the show, Melissa Joan Hart, went onto another 90s series, Sabrina. When I realized that she had written a memoir, I decided I needed to check it out.

Melissa Explains it All: Tales from my Abnormally Normal Life is a candid look at Hart’s life, from very early on to her life today as a married woman and mom of three young boys. Hart maintains an honest, and really surprisingly detailed style of writing. And, she holds nothing back, frankly discussing her parents painful divorce to living in Hollywood and sowing her ‘young Hollywood oats’’.’ Hart explains her strategies for success, and points to her family being close to her as one of the ways she stays grounded and focused.

I was startled by the honesty, and I loved how Hart tells the story. It’s like the reader is just having a conversation with Melissa while reading her story. Overall, I had heard rumors about the book,  but had yet to read it (while devouring the autobiographies of Jodie Sweetin and Jason Priestly).

I don’t have any real qualms about the book, and I was so happy (and surprised) to read about her experiences. Melissa Joan Hart is truly a class act and the honesty and grace she put into the book tells volumes about her character. I also loved the style of her writing, and want to check out more of her projects since reading this.

I picked up this book in eformat from Amazon for under $3.00, it is available from your favorite retailer in your favorite format.

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