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Review:: Sugar Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke (Hannah Swenson #6)


Review:: Sugar Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke (Hannah Swenson #6)

Hannah Swenson is busy readying the recipes for the town cookbook to worry about the season. That is, until the night of the taste test at the city’s annual holiday party. While she’s telling everyone else to eat, Hannah isn’t doing much eating. She’s drawn to finding out the story behind a resident’s new wife–until the wife ends up dead outside, stabbed with a jeweled knife belonging to Hannah’s mother. With a blizzard keeping everyone in the venue, Hannah must share space with the killer as she investigates, drawing upon the help of her sometimes boyfriend, Norman. Her other sometimes boyfriend, Mike, is busy investigating the murder and asks for Hannah to leave him alone. Will Hannah be able to piece together the clues to find the murder before someone else dies? Will Hannah be able to solve the murder before her sister goes into labor? Read Sugar Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke to find out!

This was a fast read, which makes sense because most of the sleuthing happened in one enclosed area. However, I felt like not having the recipes at the end of the chapter made the story go much faster as well. I’m excited to get back to the normal format.

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Who would read this: Fans of the series, cozy mystery fans, someone who wants to read a strong heroine and also have some yummy recipes, those who have seen the movies.
Time to Read: 2.5 hours
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Funny Story: According to her website, Joanne Fluke has made over 500,000 chocolate chip cookies for fans since she created this series. I need to up my cookie game.
Final thoughts: Having the recipes at the very end made for what seemed like a smaller novel. The mystery was more intriguing and the death was a bit of a letdown in comparison to other novels… Perhaps this was a Christmas concession?


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  1. Lizzy

    January 6, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    I read the very first book in this series a long time ago, and really didn’t like it even though I usually like fun, quirky cozy mysteries. Do they get better or are they maybe just not for me, do you think?

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