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After reading my first Liane Moriarty novel, Big Little Lies, I knew that I needed to read more from this author. And, luckily, I picked an ecopy of this book on sale and could not put it down!

Cecelia may seem to have it all—she has a life that everyone wants, but she is missing something. Specifically, the knowledge contained in a letter she finds, written by her husband and clearly marked to only be opened in the event of his death. Cecelia opens it and the knowledge shakes the very core of their tight-knit Australian school community. She and mothers Rachel and Tess realize they are linked forever—and not necessarily for a great reason. The secrets in the letter will change everything for this community—how will these three women survive it?

Liane Moriarty creates a compelling and well-crafted story in The Husband’s Secret. Moriarty includes signature elements that have worked well in previous novels (school, motherhood, twinship) and also added a few elements that were new, but I will save those for the element of surprise.

I really enjoyed the novel, in the beginning my mind raced with the possibility of what the letter might contain. Cecilia’s husband’s behavior was really troubling—I would be unable to process something like that playing through in my life. The way Cecelia deals with the secret was at times enviable and maddening.

Another character whom I felt conflicted about was Tess. She is much stronger at the beginning of the novel, and I really was pulling for her—she was easily my favorite in the beginning of the novel. However, having started off as someone that was standing up for herself and providing a strong example for her child, it was disappointing to see her become so complacent.

Apart from that, The Husband’s Secret is a very interesting concept and reminds the reader that life isn’t so clean—each and every one of us brings people into our lives and they influence our decisions. And sometimes their feelings become the only currency we really care about.

The Husband’s Secret is available now from your favorite retailer in your favorite format.

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