Review:: The Vampire of Venice Beach by Jennifer Colt

Twins Kerry and Terry have gotten quite the reputation as private investigators, but when theyre enlisted to help an old friend with bodyguard duties…when the body they were assigned to guard ends up dead, its time for the girls to investigate.

Darby Applewhite was a preppy cheerleader in high school. Now, shes known as Ephemera, Queen of the Undead. Kerry and Terry, with the aid of three muscle-bound guys collectively known as The Brucesgo deep into the vampire subculture in Venice Beach to determine who the killer is.

This fast-paced, comedic mystery is fun to read and very well-written. Jennifer Colt clearly knows her environment. Its fun to be able to go to the places she talks about in Southern California.

I cannot wait to read more of these books. There are two more, so far, in the series after this.

I got this from the library.

The Vampire of Venice Beach by Jennifer Colt
368 pages; Broadway
Paperback: March 2007 Retail: $11.95

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