Saving the World in an Hour: A Review of Room Escape (LIVE) LA

A short time ago, we were lucky enough to visit Escape Room (Live) Los Angeles with some friends. Forbes calls this the best escape room in LA. What is an escape room you may ask? It’s an interactive, group experience where you are put in a room for a finite amount of time and asked to solve clues to get you back out. Think of the ultimate puzzle room, and you’ll have a slight idea of what we went into. While photos are frowned upon IN the building, we decided to take a few photos outside–on SUNSET blvd.

We scored some $10 parking in a prime area–right next door. It made it fantastically convenient for us. And since it was a flat rate, we could have hit up the Trucadero or Chateau Marmonte, but we had other things to do… Like save the world from Nuclear threat. That’s right, our room was a bunker once inhabited by some military personnel during the height of the Cold War. Now, the instance is timed, and you can ask for some hints. One of the first puzzles we had was actually dropped, so we missed out on about three minutes (which they forgot to add to the timer in the picture below).

But really, we had an awesome time. The group was comprised of two couples and everybody brought something different to the table. It was fantastic to beat this mystery, as it had a 46% solve rate! There were times where we each busied each other with tasks and other times where we worked all together or split. It was AWESOME to play. And here’s my look at the end of the hour!

I cannot believe how fun it was. Even days after the event, I was pumped at the idea that we had solved puzzles as a team and did awesome things. It completely rocked. Have you ever been in an escape room? What type of escape room would you WANT to go into? There’s one in Pennsylvania that is themed like Azkaban prison!

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