Dear Sophie,

As someone who has spent many years amassing knowledge about so many things, I’m stuck when it comes to working for someone else. My resume is crazy, but I hit the ground running and rock any job. I’ve been put in situations, handling them with professionalism and grace, that cause others to freak out. Despite this, I have realized my job is not a career.

At my current job, I am underpaid and over utilized. And when I get home from this job, I need ‘me’ time that my family cannot afford. There is hope—controlling my destiny via a freelance career can help me (and my family) pay bills, have some family time and do something I love for people… I want to be that girl who has control of her destiny again. I want to leave my job, once I have clients who can replace my salary and share my gifts with the world.

What I’m stuck on, is where to start, and once I have the knowledge, where to go with that knowledge to amass a list of amazing clients. I read 200 books a year and try to pass along kindness as much as possible. I write letters, real ones, and have a to-do list I take great pride in completing. I’m ready.

For these reasons and many more I respectfully request your assistance and allow me the scholarship… you will not be sorry.

Nicole Reid

Author: gothamgal

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