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Sharing You by Molly McAdams

Sharing You by Molly McAdams

KC leaves her prison-like existence behind and moves across the country to follow her dream of opening a bakery. She immediately makes friends with her store’s neighbor–Kinlee. Kinlee and her husband take KC under their wings and try to fix up KC, but KC meets Brody and everything is over–the two are enveloped in powerful love and nothing will stop their heat.
Except Brody is married, despite the marriage being awful, he is not actively able to divorce the woman, so KC and Brody have to sneak around. As soon as they get together, Brody has to leave for his wife and KC has to learn how to share her love, with his wife.

I feel like this was a hate read–the names all seem very similar, so in the beginning it is hard to keep track of them. While the couple really tries to validate why they are cheating and need to cheat, I really feel like the excuse is weak. The style is a bit too into itself on occasion.

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