Shiny and Sparkly: Geek Jewelry and OLW 2017

As I mentioned earlier this month, my One Little Word for 2017 is Rebel. And I ended up picking up a piece of jewelry that will allow me to have a tangible link to the word when I wear it! Enter Kay Jeweler’s Charmed Memories Bracelet and charm

I can confirm that my stuff was on clearance, and there is a flaw in the rebel logo, but due to stocking concerns, I don’t know that I want to pursue any return. I would hate to lose the bracelet (OR the charm–how cool is the charm?). The bracelet is braided, which I wouldn’t normally love, but works. And the clasp is the Rebel or Imperial logo, which I really like. It’s much easier to put on than I anticipated AND could be worn all by itself. I really loved how the Hope with the rebel sign charm turned out, too.

I don’t know how long the pieces will be on sale, but at under $30 for most of the sale items, it’s totally worth picking up for that geek in your life–especially with the free two day shipping. What do you think?

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