As a way to keep stationery new and fresh (and to be part of all the cool kids in the LEP), I have a subscription to the Stationery Subscription Service by La Papierre. I love the different colors and styles I get (and whom doesn’t love surprises in the mail?). Best of all, the paper is pretty high-quality, and stands up to fountain pens, ballpoints and markers alike.

According to the site, there are three options available, and each month contains 6 designs):
A—24 sheets (4 sheets of each new design). It’s $10/monthly
B—48 sheets (8 sheets of each new design). It’s $20/monthly
C—144 sheets (24 sheets of each new design). It’s $40/monthly.

I love that there are options, and since I like shopping for stationery in other places, the B option worked best for my budget AND my letter writing. In a given month, I probably use at least 40 pages of paper—so I definitely have a little left over to trade, or to use around the house for lists (brightly colored lists really CAN make a difference!).

I am continually surprised by the fact that there are so many great designs that pop up in the envelope. I also love the fact that just as I think they cannot possibly make it better, the next month tops my expectations.I’m normally a lined kinda girl. And I like most designs. I have found myself drawn as well to the unlined paper (my heart will still always lie with the lined paper, though!).

Wanna see what I got?


This was this month’s freebie.
Very Stoker meets Austen, perfect for the upcoming Pride and Preudice and Zombies movie, in my opinion.

It’s double-sided, and just a little smaller than the regular sheets, but it is absolutely lovely. This also came with a Madam Bat magnet (which I did not get a picture of, but she is on the etsy site).


The unlined paper on the left is of balloons—HOT AIR BALLOONS! I really enjoy it. I want to write a letter and add some My Little Pony Stickers on that mother with a Stardust Jellyroll pen. Yeah, it would be purple and would change the letter recipient’s life.
The Summertime to the right is nice. I like the stylized cupcakes and, even better, there’s a drink. I picture it purple, fizzy and yet, unsweetened. Strawberry Shortcake totally had that at her fetes.


On the left, mixtape heaven. Okay, to preface this, I have to say I am a bit addicted to mixes (and a few of my friends can tell you that I have never been given a GOOD mixtape)—my credit card is even a mixtape design, as is my camera strap. Nothing wrong with the rainbows, either. Just makes me wish I worked at a record store and ‘knew good music.’
The right-hand paper is all about the zombie apocalypse, which heavily factors into me deciding to meet the man whom I would eventually marry. Zombies have been a big part of life to me, this celebrates it!

I feel badly saying I have a favorite, because this month was AWESOME, but I have to pick a favorite. And this next set is all that AND a bag of potato chips with a side of ranch dip from Primo’s Deli in Akron, Ohio. Yeah.


The left-hand side is all gnomish. It looks like David the Gnome, which was a movie when I was growing up, and a tv show a decade and some change later—I can’t find the proper video I saw, but this looks very similar (there was a song that had lyrics ‘We’re getting ready for our wedding day). The gnome’s daughter was getting married.

And, to the right, perfectness on a piece of paper. I love the borders, I love stars and this whole thing looks insanely magical. I <3 it so hard!

The shipping is free to the US or Canada and, if you tell them Nicole/GothamGal sent you, we each get some freebies!

Where do you buy your paper goodies? Please share in the comments below.

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