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Star Wars: Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno


Star Wars: Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno

The Republic and the Separatists have been battling each other in a galactic war. No one is spared as each side scrambles to gain the edge against their enemy. Working for the Empire, Orson Krennic is working on a top secret project–a planet killer. But while he throws every available resource at his command into the project he realizes there is one thing he is missing–his old friend Galen Erso.

Erso had been the science wunderkind in class, and his current focus on energy is making both sides sweat–whomever lands Erso’s attention will have the edge. Krennic rescues Erso and his family from Separatists, Galen realizes he is in debt to his old friend. Krennic puts Galen immediately in charge of continuing his beloved scientific pursuits. Lyra (Galen’s wife and mother of their child, Jyn) is immediately on edge. Things Krennic is telling them and what she’s hearing from other sources is different. And while the Erso family wants to believe the best in their old friend, Krennic, but as things start adding up, their ideal of the research being used to protect the Galaxy may NOT be the case.

With the Republic and its agents following and controlling their every move, can they even leave?

Who would read this: Star wars fans, rogue one fans, people who want to know how the death star came about (not a spoiler if you see the cover as you do above!)

Time to Read:  it was months, but once i finally got past the first 50 pages, it took about 4 hours.
Rating: 4/5 stars

Funny Story: It took me the better part of three months to read this–I even attempted to read it before I saw rogue one, but it didn’t happen.

Final thoughts: As much as i have told people they should really see/read rogue one, catalyst was the perfect book to read before or shortly after seeing Rogue one.


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