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Star Wars: Empires End (Aftermath #3/3)

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Star War: Empire’s End (Aftermath #3/3)

In the final book of the Aftermath trilogy, Chuck Wendig concludes the epic storyline set between the Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens.

The New Republic is looking for its enemy, now everyone is assembling for a final battle at Jakku–a remote desert planet nearly forgotten.

Grand Admiral Rae Sloane focuses on finding the person she once served, Gallius Rax, but no one knows she has shifted her allegiance to him once she determined his epic plan. And, as a most wanted level war criminal, she’s checking behind her shoulder at every turn–she cannot afford to fail, or get killed by the New Republic.

As Rax pieces together the final part of Palpatine’s plan, an Armada of New Republic fighters assembles in the space around Jakku. The crew of the moth is split up, some on planet and some off planet in order to tip the scales to the New Republic’s side for GOOD. They are prepared to die, or in the case of Mister Bones, be destructed in this, what promises to be their final, most-important mission.

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