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Summer Reading: A new list of Essential Reading

Summer Reading: A new list of Essential Reading

AlwaysReiding_AnimalHabitatHi! I’m here to talk about Summer Reading: A new list of Essential Reading for 2016.

I love summer, if only for the reading! Sure, the heat can be a problem, and sometimes it feels like I’m the only one working a job and not on vacation, but the READING LISTS are completely on point!

Like this one from The Everygirl. This list spans everything from old stuff to brand new, and while I might only be reading one or two of these at a time, are all ESSENTIAL for this summer!

And while she no longer has a show on one of those non-cable channels, Oprah is still a force to be reckoned with in regards to reads that appeal to nearly anyone. I cannot wait to read The After Party. I’m jonesing super hard for that book!

I would even take this book–a Taylor Swift mystery–at this point. It looks like a Nancy Drew type book that I might have read back when I was 8 or 9.

You can just take all my money now, if you’re bringing me this Sleeping Beauty retelling. I took a look at it and it has me feeling all of the things. I love the cover. I love the sneak peek, and I don’t know HOW I am going to wait until it comes out.

Oh, how I miss those days. Those carefree summer reading days. Of course, if I read TOO much, I am sure there are a few things on this list of things that happen when you read too much that I could sympathize with. In fact, I’m fairly certain that there are more and more things on this list I have done. I was offered a job when I was 10 by my local library manager (that fell through, because she unfortunately passed away) and I’ve left books in all sorts of weird places. I routinely talk to people about what I am reading (apart from you!) and I routinely read books in very short spans, or wish I had more time to read (no, seriously, I am severely behind in reading right now!)…

What links are you loving this summer? I cannot wait to hear or see your own post: Summer Reading: A new list of Essential Reading… Please share in the comments.

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