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SuperFight: The Coolest Game you Aren’t Playing


I was hooked on SuperFight the first time I saw them at WonderCon (2014), and I ended up getting a special deck from Loot Crate. So I was stoked to pick up some decks around the holidays. I feel like SuperFight is a little more family-friendly than other card games, and also brings up the usual ‘stand in line and talking about vs’ that I have always found the really cool people do. It’s a great game for the imagination, because you draw a character (white) card and a black card (weapon). Then you draw a second weapon and argue your case for why you would win.

Super awesome time, and my draw from last night made me super happy. I love that I lived in a world where I got to see Mr. Rodgers.

What’s your favorite card game, share in the comments below, please!

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