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Survivor: Star Wars Ahsoka by EK Johnston


Survivor: Star Wars Ahsoka by EK Johnston

Ahsoka lands on a remote moon called Raada after the devastating events of Order 66. She is in hiding, as being a Jedi is risky in these times. She befriends a young woman and the woman’s friends and she begins helping with technical repairs–all part of a way for her to establish her new identity and keep her away from the eyes of the Empire. But when the Empire makes its way to the planet and starts impacting her newfound friends’ lives, Ahsoka realizes that you can’t keep a good Jedi down and she MUST speak up.

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Who would read this: Fans of YA lit, Clone Wars fans, star wars fans

Time to Read: 3 hours
Rating: 5/5, mostly because EK Johnston is awesome and i cannot wait to read more!

Funny Story: I had been leery of reading this because i am so far behind on clone wars. however, it was super awesome to read and i loved the bit about the lightsaber. additionally, it was nice to see another point of view on life after the purge.

Final thoughts: EK Johnston is a write whom I adore. And despite this being a star wars book, it has a wide appeal for the message and story within it. don’t approach it as star wars if you’re not interested in star wars*.

*Also if you aren’t interested in Star Wars, why are you reading this blog? LOL, JK!


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