I was so excited for this prompt, as it challenges us to do something every day in February. For me, that is creating.
Lettermo will allow me to create a letter each day.

The Daily Marker challenge will propel me to color daily.

And FMS photo a day may also happen.

And, because my word is fierce, I am sharing most of these on Instagram.

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December2015_AlwaysReiding Can you tell where I went today?

Yes, that’s right–DISNEYLAND.

I so needed this. And, this year, despite the crowds, I took a look at the Christmas Parade (my favorite parade of the year–the ONLY one I am known to wait for on my own).

And, I’m taking a look at some of the pictures I took today. Editing on the day of an event can be awesome–especially if you are prepared.

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It is that time of year.
Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life starts tomorrow. So, I decided to take a few pictures today to get in the mode of taking pictures and sharing them a la a Week in the Life style.
Also, check out Ali Edwards’ site for more information.

We’re experiencing HIGH temperatures at the beach, and since our condo doesn’t have air conditioning, I made an executive decision to be away from the house for most of the day…

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