December2015_AlwaysReiding Can you tell where I went today?

Yes, that’s right–DISNEYLAND.

I so needed this. And, this year, despite the crowds, I took a look at the Christmas Parade (my favorite parade of the year–the ONLY one I am known to wait for on my own).

And, I’m taking a look at some of the pictures I took today. Editing on the day of an event can be awesome–especially if you are prepared.

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It is time for December projects to start. I am doing Journal your Christmas (sorta) along with 31 Days of Lists and (my first year) for December Daily. Some days will be jyc vs dd…
I am getting back in the habit of taking pictures daily, and today I got an awesome one!


The coloring screams December to me, along with the fact she is cuddling, because December means cooler weather.

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