As a loud and proud geek, I’m sure you’ve been waiting to hear about my take on Rogue One: A Star Wars Tale or whatever it is currently being called. This is THAT post.

When the Rogue One #3 trailer dropped earlier this week, I abstained from watching it for a day or two. Yes, it’s crazy to think that someone like me seeing Episode VII in the theatre 4 times would want to wait,

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With an insanely large Extended Universe (EU) that has been disavowed by Disney, I still am loyal to the EU’s finest character, Mara Jade. She is the ultimate redemption story. Raised to kill as a child, she grows up to be the Emperor’s Hand–the one who does his dirty work, that he TRUSTS to do his dirty work. And then she meets Luke Skywalker (because she was supposed to kill him) and the two realize their destinies are intertwined.

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