So what do you do when a favorite author responds to you?
Obviously you share it on your blog and not twitter because that might be creepy and you don’t want to scare them off even though they didn’t follow you because they have followed a lot of other more important people than you, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with just appreciating the reply and breathing slowly. And, also, when is their next book coming out?*

*picture this spoken all in one breath ala Six from Blossom:

Or we can just go with something from Community:

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I loved this movie so hard.


And I love that the internet (and social media) are being so good about not spoiling this for others.

While I may have cried a little, the movie was fantastic. And a theatre that is less than 30 minutes away from us is doing a special–you get a free mini poster each time you see iMax. So,

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