Hi! I’ve read a lot of books since finding the NovelTea book club, and I have met a lot of really great people, too! The brain child of Kristin from My Life as a Teacup, NovelTea Book Club is quite possibly one of the nicest and fun groups—and it has totally gotten me out of the terror I have at not being a part of a physical book group locally (I could also be biased because I used to go to The Rubber City Book Posse meetings that were totally amazing and wonderful and populated with all sorts of awesomeness… Anyway,

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I am choosing to spend this Monday going through a few different things that I have received and mailed out lately… Check it out, and share your mailbox monday below.

Postcard from Kristy (LEP)
Letter from Randi (IGGPPC)
Pirate Swap (LEP)


Charmaigne (RAK) LEP
Zara (RAK) LEP
Julie (RAK) LEP
Julie (RAK) LEP
Helen (RAK) LEP
Kirby (RAK) LEP
Dawn &

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