Double Fudge Brownie Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery)

Hannah’s freedom is on the line yet again as she waits for the outcome of the murder trial. However, while Hannah is waiting for the Judge outside his chambers she hears an odd noise. She walks into his chambers to check on him and finds the judge DEAD. Hannah’s propensity for finding bodies is getting her into trouble because this time this is a second body that she’s found in such a short time.

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Blackberry Pie Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery)

The small town baker famous for her cookies finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation–as the murderer! She hits a stranger with her car on her way home in a storm. Hannah even ends up in the jail for a weekend. But once more information is gathered, she is released and starts working to clear her name by doing the second thing that comes natural to her–investigation.

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