The Date Maker: A Disastrous Dates Prequel by Kayla Tirrell

Morgan has had great luck setting people up in the past–she definitely has a knack for matchmaking. But college is expensive, and despite her busy class schedule and part-time work at the local coffee shop, she is unable to pay for car maintenance and other surprise expenses that pop up. Her matchmaking skills will hopefully provide a steady income stream that will allow her to rest a little easier in the form of The Date Maker.

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All-American Liars by Emily Kazmierski

The biggest thing about a small town is the secrets it carries.
Tristan is the captain of the basketball team. He is poised to be a member of the All-American team, along with a full ride to UCLA on a basketball scholarship. While his girlfriend, Annie, is happy for him, she’s also saddened at the idea of losing him to UCLA next year.

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