It's Monday! What Are You Reading

Each Monday, The Book Date asks what we’re reading…  Please visit the site to link up your current list and hold yourself accountable. Also, you can visit some great blogs who are also doing this meme… It’s pretty awesome.

So, without further ado, here are the books I am currently reading! This is the physical list for this week. As I am participating in the TBR Triple Dog Dare Challenge (hosted by James Reads),

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I loved this movie so hard.


And I love that the internet (and social media) are being so good about not spoiling this for others.

While I may have cried a little, the movie was fantastic. And a theatre that is less than 30 minutes away from us is doing a special–you get a free mini poster each time you see iMax. So,

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Star Wars AlwaysReidingThe world is going crazy with talk of Star Wars Episode VII. And while we are seeing it on Sunday, we’re not seeing it tonight–quelle horreur!

Really it boiled down to not getting some time off at work, due to our crazy end of the year schedules. And because my husband gets up at 3:30 AM.

I am perfectly fine with 3d Imax on Sunday. And, from the looks of it,

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With an insanely large Extended Universe (EU) that has been disavowed by Disney, I still am loyal to the EU’s finest character, Mara Jade. She is the ultimate redemption story. Raised to kill as a child, she grows up to be the Emperor’s Hand–the one who does his dirty work, that he TRUSTS to do his dirty work. And then she meets Luke Skywalker (because she was supposed to kill him) and the two realize their destinies are intertwined.

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