AlwaysReiding_Winning the Holiday Putluck with the Pioneer Woman

Winning the Holiday Potluck with the Pioneer Woman

It’s the time of the year when you can be sure of one thing–working in a corporate environment means potluck meals! Since I’m a huge fan of something easy, I sometimes look to my favorite chefs and cookbooks to assist in this trying time–I was able to take a dish I’d read about (and fell in love with at home) on the Pioneer Woman’s website and make it potluck friendly.

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AlwaysReiding_defending yourself as a readerDefending Yourself as a Reader

All of my life, I have heard that I read too much. That I spent entire vacations with my face in a book versus seeing the location. I have heard people who don’t get it, so called ‘readers’ tell me to butt out of conversations by going to read a book. People have even tried to bribe me with books. While some of it may be good natured,

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