The Silent Patient
The Silent Patient was a book I had heard about, and decided I needed to read because of all of the buzz.

Author Alex Michaelides takes readers on a psychologically compelling tale of a woman who is silent, and presently serving time in a hospital for killing her husband.
The writing drew me in, and it was hard for me to put down. I ended up finishing this the same day I started it because I just couldn’t put it down once I got into it.

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deliver her

Meg Carmody finds drugs in a pillow after leaving her daughter home… While it may have been one of the people AT the party her daughter threw, Meg doesn’t want to take chances–Alex is not the child she was a year ago. This was before her sweet sixteen party, when Alex’s best friend Cass is killed and Alex survives a car ride. Alex won’t talk to therapists and just immerses herself in non-Alex activities like partying.

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Freedom’s Child by Jax Miller

Freedom Oliver works the bar in Oregon. She finally convinced the whippersnappers to leave her alone for the most part. She’s an alcoholic, and keeps to herself (except for a core group of friends, no one really ‘knows’ Freedom). Until the day when she finds out her daughter was killed. Then she tells her cop friend, and disappears into the night.

Mason left his religious family years ago,

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